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OvBit Services


Our long experience allow us to have meaningful discussions with our customers to lay out effective strategies for their projects.

Before, during or after a project is complete we offer consulting services to help our customers maximize performance and train personel.

Software Development

We build software on a multitude of platforms.

Web Development - We have long experience in building websites. Front-end development, server-side programming and cloud support for the demanding systems are within our reach.

Mobile Apps - We build native Android and iOS mobile apps in their native languages and frameworks.

Desktop Apps - We build native desktop apps for MS Windows, macOS and Linux. All in their native languages and frameworks.

Cloud Apps / API - For apps that require cloud support we use high-end technologies such as Go, Python, C, C++, Bash to build services for Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform or other popular cloud platforms.


Our software can be supported by CI/CD helper services for dynamic cloud maintenance.

Marketing / SEO

The scope of our company is limited to development. However, we have experience working with digital marketing professionals. SEO, A/B Tests, Analytics, Remarketing are things we are familiar with and we are ready to work with field specialists to meet marketing objectives.